Data api

Why Parking Data?

Instant Access To Your Parking Data.

businees automation

Businees Automation

Automate inefficient and redundant tasks associated with parking management (including manual car counting and data consolidation)

businees intelligence

Businees Intelligence

Leverage data to inform decision making by exploring occupancy, revenue, duration, and
rate change data.

yeild management

Yeild Management

Use predictive analytics to make smarter pricing and inventory allocation decision. Increase your bottom line using dynamic pricing.

Parkingrhino Data Dashboard Features

smart dashboard

Real-time monitoring

Real-time parking occupancy in each parking facility will be displayed in the dashboard of the management system, and will be updated in real time.

Oversell analysis

Analyze the unique parking behavior associated with individual tenants/parking groups in an effort to make targeted oversell decisions based on each group's distinct usage patterns.

Future projection

The system will analyze historical and real-time data to make predictions about future occupancy and revenue for up to 30 days in advance.


The system will give historical occupancy analysis, revenue analysis and duration analysis.